Pool Construction

Building an aquatic sanctuary in your backyard takes careful designing and engineering. It also requires top-quality materials, highly skilled craftsmen, and an eye for beauty. You have to prepare for the unexpected and have the expertise to handle them without hesitation. The sheer beauty of your pool has to complement your yard and home. And it has to last, with very little maintenance, for years.
Our construction process pulls all of these elements in so that your dreams come alive without adding to your stress. We start by thoroughly preparing the site. We remove debris, move dirt, and lay a foundation that will support the pool and surrounding area with grace, style, and strength.
As you can see from the three videos, our team transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. We take special care with each step so that we don’t miss any details. And we listen to you along the way so we know your dream is coming alive in front of your eyes.


"From concept to reality, Olympic Atlanta turned our ordinary backyard into a complete family entertainment wonderland. From the day that the actual work started, we experienced professionalism, responsiveness, and a cooperative commitment to excellence. Our freeform pool, outdoor cooking area, and stacked stone fireplace far exceeded our wildest expectations. Our sole disappointment is that we only have one backyard or we would do it again."

~ Dr. Jeff Marcus, Atlanta